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Sugar Free Gift Baskets, Diabetic Gift Ideas

Sugar Free Gift Baskets and Diabetic Gift Ideas

Healthy Gift Choices for our Friends that can't have Sugar

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*** Our Diabetic Product Line is Currently Unavailable ***

For All Happy Occasions

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Our new Sugar-Free Gift Basket Ideas are ready to be mailed to your diabetic friends and those that shouldn't have any gourmet foods with sugar.

We have specialty theme Diabetic Gift Baskets designed for birthdays and get-well.

sugarfree birthday gift,diabetic gift birthday

All gift baskets can be customized with your special message on our complimentary gift card to match your special occasion.

We took great care to fill our gift baskets (and boxes) with only those food items that are special snacks, yet healthy for those that must limit their sugar-intake per doctor's order. For example, we added EXTEND bars and crisps to our Diabetic Gift Basket because this product line has been designed for diabetics and helps with their special needs to control blood sugar levels.

Recently, we were invited to show our diabetic and sugar-free gift baskets at a Diabetic Convention. Because we have friends that are afflicted with Diabetes, we are always on the lookout for information to fight this disease.

At the diabetic convention, we displayed our gift basket with Extend bars and foods for Diabetics as well as our sugar-free birthday gift basket. We had plenty of samples on hand: Extend bars and other sugar-free ingredients that we place in our gift baskets. As you can see below, the samples did not last long - but the glucose level remained the same.

diabetic education convention,showing our gift baskets

Our Sugar-Free and Diabetic Gift Baskets

Which Baby Gift to Pick? So Many Choices....

Here is our Advise

  • Decide what type of gift to give.

    Will this be a practical gift that new mom and dad can use for the newborn, a gift to share with a sibling, perhaps a learning gift?

  • Think about the basic necessities for new parents. What do new parents need? Food and sleep!

    A gift basket with snacks is always a good idea. Remember that new parents have no time to eat or sleep because they always carry the infant in their arms. Try preparing a meal with one hand while holding a howling baby in your arms. Having snacks available or some type of food that can be prepared and eaten with one hand helps a lot. What's even better - send a complete dinner. All parents have to do is heat it up.

    * Note from Conny: As a new parent myself, I know how challenging it is to take care of myself and the baby at the same time. Food helps!

  • Send flowers - always a great idea.

    Just don't send them to the hospital because they can get lost. Even bringing flowers to the hospital brings unique challenges. Once the new mom checks out of the hospital, all gifts need to be taken home. Imagine new parents with the baby, gifts plus flowers, baby diaper bag and mom's belongings. That's a lot to carry to the car.

  • Flowers are a traditional gift for any occasion.

    Flowers brighten the day with cheerful colors and convey your best wishes. Our recommendation when sending flowers - send them to the new parents' home about two to four weeks after the baby is born. Flowers that were received right after the baby was born will have expired and the new flowers continue to brighten the day for new, but exhausted parents.

  • How much money do you want to spend on a baby gift?

    That, of course, depends on the size of your wallet. The arrival of a new baby is priceless, but it boils down to hard cash when sending a gift. Think about the type of gift - something small and cute or something that may last a while.

  • If you would like to send something small and cute, pick a baby gift that contains clothes.

    Babies live in onecies, the little one-piece outfit that is worn alone or under layers. They open at the bottom for easy diaper changing and make sure baby doesn't get cold. Oncies are worn all year. All new-born baby gifts that include any tpe of clothing contain at least one oncie.

  • Infants turn into toddlers very quickly. When selecting clothes for a baby, always buy bigger but remember the season.

    By the time your cute summer outfit fits, the summer season may be over. Same for winter. Clothes in our gift baskets are selected based on wear for all-year round.

  • If you want to give a gift that will be used and lasts a while, we recommend gifts that help baby learn and play.

    Baby Einstein is a very popular brand name with parents and focus on early learning skills in a fun and playful way. We have several gifts that include learning toys that are fun not just for baby but mom and dad as well. Bath time, farm and animals on the farm are always popular themes.

  • Longer-lasting toys are great gifts if the new baby has a sibling.

    Think of toys that can be shared and used for many years to come. Toys such as our pedal cars and the Radio Flyer wagens and tricycle last for years and years. They have been popular for many generations.

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